Our mission is simple, BEAST the kitchen!

We're making it our every effort to take the pain away from cooking.  We know you live busy lives, which is why we offer single, weekly and monthly meal frequencies.  All of our meals are vacuum sealed for extended freshness!

We currently only serve to the Chicagoland area.  We have a pick-up location in Joliet, IL and delivery is available with a charge.

Words from the owner...

“At the age of 32, I was in a place where I really wasn’t happy with where my life was headed.  It was the common rat race that most of us experience; the balancing act between work, family and hitting the gym.  There never seemed to be enough time in the day, so naturally what had been suffering was my workouts.  Although I had worked out most of my entire adult life, and even competed in an amateur powerlifting meet, in which I won first place in my weight class, I just wanted more for myself.  I wanted to have the physique that I saw lining the magazine aisle at your local grocery store.  I set out on a mission.  That mission was to prove that even with a family and a crazy work schedule; a newborn baby and only 24 hours in the day, I could have the body I wanted.  I started to learn about my diet, did some in-depth analysis of what I was consuming and when.  I packed my gym bag with everything I needed and right after shift, I headed to the gym right after work 6 days a week.  As the results came, I wanted more.  Some of the bodybuilders and fitness athletes in my gym began to approach me about possibly competing.  At first I was hesitant, but after some good advice and positive reinforcement, I decided it was something I would go for.

I’ve alway been passionate about cooking food, especially cooking food for others. It was simply something about satisfying people through flavor.  After high school, I applied for culinary school.  It was way more intense than I had expected, but it made me look at plates as a blank Canvas and food as material to construct art.  I’ve been cooking and creating all of my life. Now, I’m using my culinary artistry to improve the well-being of others.”

-Arron Sain